India is finally getting the results of the general elections after a long and bitter campaign.
Counting of ballots will start at 08:00 local time (02:30GMT).

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), had won by a large margin and come to power in 2014.

His main opposition comes from the Congress party and other powerful regional rivals across the country. Though the results of the exit polls have indicated a victory for Mr. Modi, however, it is still some time before the party celebrates.

This election is seen as a survey on Mr. Modi, who has received adoration and criticism both. A party to work in the coalition will need 272 seats to get the majority in the 543 members.


BJP party won with 282 seats in 2014’s elections. This was the biggest victory by any party in almost 3 decades. At this time Congress, won just 44 seats, suffering its worst defeat.

Total people voting this year would be approximately around 900 million. The voting was concluded with 7 rounds and is one of the biggest elections across the world.

Today, the fate of 8,000 candidates and 670 political parties will be hanging on the ballot booths. The election commission will be publishing results in phases, however, just in hours, a picture will emerge. This depends on how the initial counting is and the margin between the leading parties.

The final results declaring will happen on Thursday late night local time. Further checks similar published ballots beside results from the electronic voting machine and will be the reason for the delay in the process.

Mr. Modi is the one who will be pulling the votes for the BJP. The party and its associates will help in retaining the majority, even at the loss of some seats. The main opposition is Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.