India Forays into Making First Local Robot, Mitra

Industrial robots are steadily rising to novel applications. There has been visible progress since the first application of industrial robot, Unimate back in the 1960s by General Motors. Advances in machine learning and AI are paving novel applications of robotics. Manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, real estate, logistics, and event management are some of the early adopters.

The manufacturing industry is a high revenue generating sector. The sector is witnessing promising transformative alterations. In recent years the manufacturing sector is emerging as one of the early adopters of robotics.

Jobs that Robots Excel At

Industrial robots are very versatile. Hence they can correctly carry out various jobs. Raw material handling is one of the most important jobs. Also, industrial robots support packaging. Hence, big manufacturing plants are using these robots to simplify tasks. Another important function of robotics is workplace safety. Workers carry out different odd jobs in manufacturing plants. Difficult work nature pose a constant threat to workers. Hence, manufacturing plants are using robots for safe operations.

Robots in Hospitals and Healthcare

High revenue generating sectors such as F&B and pharmaceuticals are robotic dependent. Besides large scale adoption across industries, robots come in handy at routine odd jobs.  Several countries are allocating funds for improved healthcare delivery. The risk of contagious diseases is rapidly rising. Hospitals top the list when it comes to disease transmission. Healthcare is very necessary. Hence, several countries are planning to improve the healthcare system. Hence, they are also funding several projects to improve healthcare.

New UVD Robot Kills Harmful Bacteria across Hospitals

Present day R&D projects are developing robotics. In a recent development, Blue Ocean Robotics bagged an award. The award is for UVD Robot that kills harmful bacteria. Bacteria and microorganisms are omnipresent. They multiply very fast. Some of them are damaging to humans. Hence, hospitals try to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. Hospital transmitted diseases are very common. Therefore, it is very important to maintain cleanliness. The robot will shed UV-C light across hospitals. This will kill bacteria.

India Focuses on Developing Own Robot to Deal Customs Regulation

Emerging economies such as India are fast chasing robotic advances. As industrialization is peaking up momentum, developing economies are skewing towards advanced technology. Start-up companies are developing sophisticated solutions such as facial and speech recognition. Hence, Indian companies are targeting locally developed robots. New aspirants are targeting indigenous robots. A new India based robotics company is working on locally made humanoids. The company has recently developed a new robot, Mitra. Mitra made her first public appearance at a conference in Hyderabad. Since then there was no looking back. This new Indian start-up is Invento.

Banks and Supermarkets Take to Robots

The company is actively exhibiting its robots worldwide. Some of the countries it has recently targeted are the US, China, and Dubai. It aims to hit over 150 robots in the course of the next twelve months. Hence, Invento is currently focusing on around six design variations for its twenty plus robot strength. The company is also focusing on rigorous fund collection. Over the next couple of months, Invento is planning to amass around USD 2 million. These robots simplify various tasks. Many robots are operating across shopping malls and airports. Hence, these robots aid consumers and passengers. Some of the tasks that Mitra is doing efficiently are passenger check-ins. They are automating check-in procedures. These robots are also engaging in productive communication with passengers. Hence helping them in boarding.

Popular banks such as HDFC is becoming the first to adopt robots. Hence banks are able to get customer details quickly. HDFC’s robots are working round the clock across malls. They are helping to get quick loan approvals. Banks are becoming the first users of robots. After banks the next big sector is supermarkets. Invento is releasing its new smart shopping cart across supermarkets.