India desires to still buy oil from Iran at its existing level that is more than 300,000 barrels per day (bpd), as it discusses with Washington regarding prolonging a waiver of the United States authorizations before the first week of May.

Further, India has decreased its buying of oil from Iran, however has been in discussions over outspreading a sanctions waiver, identified as a noteworthy reduction exception, as stated by senior Indian official in January. The discussions arise just as tensions regarding trade augments amongst Washington and New Delhi. The US is planning for ending a preferential trade dealing for India that consents duty-free entry for approximately $5.6 billion value of its trades to the US.

India is one of the major beneficiary of the Generalized System of Preferences that spells from 1970s as well as winding-up its participation might be the sturdiest punitive act that Washington has taken against India ever since President Donald Trump has taken over the office.

In the midst of all this, New Delhi wants Washington to be permitted to still purchase oil from Iran at existing levels of more than 1.25 million tons on monthly basis, which is equal to 300,000 bpd. The US had reimposed sanctions in contradiction of Iran past November in a heated discussion over Tehran’s nuclear as well as missile ambitions, after that President Donald Trump dragged Washington out of a nuclear treaty amid Iran & six global powers held in the year 2015.

Even though the US approved Iran’s leading oil consumers including Japan, China, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Italy, Turkey and Greece, waivers that has permitted them for continuing restricted imports, Washington is pressurizing over governments to ultimately lessen buying of Iranian oil to nil. In addition, 1st round of waivers will expire in the first week of May.

Vincent Campos, a presenter at State’s Department’s energy bureau, might not approve about India requiring the United States to repeat its waiver, but then stated that discussions are continuing with 8 Iranian oil customers of that got waivers in November with the objective of ultimately cutting the imports to nil. “We continue to have bilateral discussions” with each of the countries, counting India, Campos further added.

A State Department official of the United State is supposed to visit South Korea in coming days, Iran’s leading oil consumer in Asia, to have discussion regarding sanctions, Seoul stated.

David Peyman, a deputy assistant secretary for counter threat finance & sanctions, held meeting recently along with Hong Jin-wook, an official specializing in African as well as Middle Eastern affairs at foreign ministry of South Korea.