Ingredion incorporated is a company that is known for providing global ingredient solutions. The company specializes in producing sweeteners, nutrition, starches and biomaterials used on daily basis. The company is also manufacturing every day products like food and beverages and paper and pharmaceuticals.   The company has presence in various parts of North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific regions.  

Recently the company opened a sales office to build up its brand presence and user-friendliness in Ho Chi Minh City of the Vietnam country. Tapping on the growth of the local market place, the company aims to create more complete on-site sales and partnership properties as well as growing the logistics and support facilities for operational purposes.

This will also make stronger the business part of “Ingredion Idea Labs on-site” capabilities and would fasten revolutions across the food and nutrition sectors along with providing collaboration opportunities with various customers.

Rishan Pillay, VP and GM mentioned that the GDP of the country Vietnam is strong and is expected to grow more in the upcoming years. There is an increase in demand by food manufacturing customers favoring production to the country and a stronger local presence allows the company to work in side with all the business sectors more efficiently. There is also a surge being experience in the customization of various food and beverages products to suit the local taste preferences and palates. Thus there are new opportunities for the company to partner and work with various manufacturers. The VP mentioned that is hoping that Vietnam’s food and beverage industry would grow annually to 01.9% during the year of 2017-2019 with consumption focused mainly on basic food and other necessities.

Ingredion has a warehouse in Vietnam that is going to help the company respond to its customers faster and efficiently. The company is expected to provide prompt delivery of supplies and is important for efficient production of warehouse facility that will further assist to meet the need of fast delivery and reduce lead time. The new office would further offer advantage of being responsive, logistics and on-site capabilities along with maintaining the close connect with local consumers. The company is in line with trends-based approach and they are now able to secure the on-ground feedback in proportion with consumers that has helped the company develop and offer solutions based on customer needs.

The Ingredion Idea labs, helps customers have 24/7 access to the representatives from research on various consumer and market trends along with sample formulations and whitepapers.