We are observing International Men’s Health Week since 2002. This week signifies awareness and understanding of men’s health problems. In our fast-paced lives, we often forget and ignore the ill health symptoms our body is showing us. Ignorance only leads to bigger problems that take a longer cure. Therefore, affecting health better.

Heath problems like diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, and suicide are focused upon this week. As support to these men’s health issues, people believe in wearing blue ribbon’s in their support. Studies show men tend to ignore most of their symptoms and avoid going to doctors. This article is focusing on some unusual symptoms in men like pot bellies and impotency.

Impotency and Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile Dysfunction on ignoring leads to more serious problems. It is a problem that also relates to the circulatory system as erection happens because of increased blood flow to the penis. Trouble while getting or maintaining an erection is a symptom that needs attention. Impotency sometimes also links to blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

Urination Problems:

Problems with urination or while urinating are often blaming old age in elderly men. But, this could be a symptom for prostate or an abnormally sized gland. An enlarged prostate can put extra on the urethra and make urination difficult. It could also signify urinary tract infection, kidney stones, and high inflammation.


Abnormally occurring moles should not be ignored. One should always visit a specialist if there is discoloration or change in shape or bleeding through the mole. This can be an indication of cancer of the skin.

Chest Pain:

Chest pain has is becoming common. Therefore, we tend to ignore it. Many a time it is directly connected to gastric problems. But, severe pains that run up to the jaw or hands cannot be ignored. But, it may also signify anxiety, pneumonia, and asthma. Therefore, this symptom should never be ignored.

Fat on belly:

Obesity is an increasing risk of many young men. It often indicates visceral fat in excessive quantity. Obesity is giving birth to risks like Alzheimer’s and other heart diseases.

Testicle Lumps:

Lumps on testicles may not always be alarming. But, getting it checked from the doctor is necessary to avoid any further complications. Sometimes it is a sign of testicular cancer.