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iPhone 13 Disables Face ID due to Screen Repair says iFixit

Teardowns revealed a substantial shift to the repair process when the iPhone 13 range was first announced in September. Face ID will no longer work if a third party repairs the iPhone 13 display for the first time. Now, iFixit has released a detailed analysis of the shift, describing it as a « sad day for fixers, both DIY and professional. » According to iFixit, this modification now necessitates the use of a microscope to conduct « one of the most popular phone repairs, » which could previously be completed « with hand tools. »

Third-party independent repair businesses may be forced to close as a result of the shift, which will compel them to « choose between spending thousands on new equipment or losing a key source of revenue. » This tiny microcontroller connects the iPhone 13 to its screen, a process known as « serialisation » by repair technicians. Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t made it easy for store owners or independent retailers to pair a new screen.

Authorized technicians with access to Apple Services Toolkit 2 can install new screens by reporting the repair to Apple’s cloud servers and syncing the phone and screen serial numbers. This allows Apple to approve or reject each fix. Another alternative is to join Apple’s Independent Repair Program, which is « not an option for shops who value their customers’ privacy, » according to iFixit.

According to iFixit, a workaround for the repair has been discovered, although it is classified as « complex. » « A soldered chip from the original screen onto the replacement, » repair businesses would have to transfer manually. Otherwise, your iPhone will display an error message stating that it is « unable to activate Face ID. »

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