The Brexit deal has undergone many negotiations since 2016. Even though it is in its very crucial life changing phase, much ambiguity seems to still envelope it. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party Theresa May, may have faced defeat by the no leave voters with massive votes but she is still standing tall with her decision. A new plan on renewed terms is being worked upon currently. The Brexit deal was an open affair and the referendum gave people the freedom to vote for or against the UK leaving the EU. Socialists are believing that people’s votes are majorly influenced by political thought process. Hence it’s been called a political expedience.

Dominic Abrams, Professor of social psychology, University of Kent stated, “Everyone seems to have forgotten that aspects of the referendum vote remain under scrutiny. How can such a fundamental decision as to whether to leave the EU or not continue in the light of even the smallest chance that the vote was manipulated?” The Brexit referendum is based on the people’s belief in the system and trust in their politicians, threat from immigration, concerns about acceptable levels of immigration and voting intention. The final result of the deal and the decisions the political parties take will directly affect the support the people provide them. It is also a make and break deal for UK. Majority of the votes support the U.K not leaving the EU and if this deal is to succeed the parties and Prime Minister Theresa May need a solid case to make it happen.