To persuade parents to buy and consume more healthy food options, the chief medical officer of England is planning to put a tax on unhealthy food. If this falls through, England will be one of the first countries to do so. Therefore, this concept drives some major thoughts.

Child obesity is a big concern in England. The government is targeting to reduce it to half by 2030. Tax on unhealthy food will be one of the steps to do so. Chief medical officer Sally Davies is reviewing this idea further. She is planning to add a tax to food items like baby food with added sugar and cakes and pizzas.

Nonetheless, the food industry thinks it will not affect consumer behavior. The review will also consider the effect of ultra-processed food like ice cream, cereals, and chicken. Its poor effects on the healthy lifespan will be studied in the review.

After the tax introduced for sugary drinks since April 2018, the government’s hopes for such introductions have gone up. Sally Davies believes such fiscal measures will prove beneficial for various families. She wants to encourage parents to buy healthy foods. Therefore, fresh fruits and vegetable prices need to be on the lower side. She also plans to subsidize it with the unhealthy food tax proposal. This will only make parents buy healthy food as it will get cheaper.

But, the plans do not seem finalized yet. Many things need working. This whole tax saga has also been triggered by the fact that ultra-processed foods may cause cancer. Sugar tax on soft drinks is raising £154m and ultra-processed foods make you eat more. Sally Davies has been asked to make a report by September by Matt Hancock, the health secretary. He also has a list of recommendations for her.