Johnson & Johnson has been a trusted brands ever since its inception and known majorly for its consumer packaged goods. It has given a new definition and identity to baby products but along with this it also works extensively with health and wellness products and services and other new technologies that make a difference in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. This year it marked its entry into robotics by acquiring the robotic medical company Auris Health for USD 3.4 billion. Auris is a pioneer in robotics for medicine. It is well known for its medical intervention ‘Monarch Platform’ used for highly technically advance endoscopy. Johnson &Johnson plans to strengthen its robotics arm in the medical sector. Auris Health also has the ownership of a robotic scope especially used to diagnose lung disorders like lung cancer. It received an approval from Food and Drug Administration U.S for its monarch surgical robot. If Auris Health reaches certain targets this year, Johnson & Johnson has also agreed to shed another USD 2.4 billion in the form of payouts for Auris Health.

With the increasing concerns around lung cancer, Johnson & Johnson has made a smart move by acquiring Auris Health. Every year there are more than 2 million cases of lung cancer globally and the death toll is more than 1.5 million. Auris Health has been working in surgical robotics extensively since its inception. Dr. Frederic Moll, founder of Auris Health, started this revolution from his first company Intuitive Surgical famous for the Da Vinci Robotic Systems. By 2023, Johnson & Johnson wishes to invest massive USD 12 billion only in robotics. With the changing face of medical science, all big and small pharmaceutical and surgical companies are planning mergers and acquisitions to be in the game. Robotics in medicine is the best thing one can imagine currently. After this successful acquisition, Johnson & Johnson’s shares have also risen making it more credible to the investors and consumers. In 2018, Johnson & Johnson earned a top rank in the Access to Medicine Index and this years it a part of the Forbes list for the most admired companies in the world.