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Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Caused Severe Damages to Clark County Woman

Clark County Woman, 18-years-old, became very ill after receiving the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine. A spokesperson of the patient’s family said that she has undergone three brain surgeries related to dangerous blood clots. Emma Burkey, the young woman, began to feel ill after a week of being inoculated with the vaccine. Eventually, she started experiencing seizures that sent her to the hospital.

Burkey was first treated at St. Rose Dominican Hospital, Siena campus, in Henderson before she was airlifted to Loma Linda University Medical Center in Southern California. Her parents, Kathy and Russ, are at her bedside but only for a limited duration daily due to the Covid-19 restrictions. In an interview, Johnson said, “She is improving slowly. The word we got from her parents last night was ‘slowly, slowly slowly.’”

She has been taken off a respirator and out of an induced coma. She has a tracheostomy tube that impedes her speech. Her parents say that she is mouthing some words and blinking her eyes to communicate. On Sunday night, in an update, her father said that she can smile 3/4th at will and she also likes to tease him about how badly he reads lips.

Even though Emma has gone through major surgery, her parents are quite optimistic about it. They are cautiously optimistic as she is improving slowly. Her medical expenses have already amounted to thousands of dollars. To assist in that, Johnson has organized a GoFundMe fundraiser that had raised more than $10,000 as of Monday afternoon. Federal health regulators have suspended the usage of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine with six pending reported investigations.

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