Kaneka Corporation has recently attained Applied Poleramic Inc (API). API is a California based corporation. Also, it is the supplier of advanced resin in the aerospace market, for almost $ 15 million.

Within the market of aerospace, rapid growth has been seen owing to the high-performance composites for challenging applications for instance engines, hot regions of the aircraft, rockets & launch vehicles. Because of its enhanced properties above metal & metal alloys in terms of weight: strength ratio, durability, and heat-resistance, Kaneka anticipates the higher potential for growth in this sub-segment as compared to the market of general structural composites.

Rooted in the year 1992, API owns formulated advanced resin technology utilized in high-performance composites. API had always been a calculated provider of high-performance composites to OEMs along with their subcontractors. Kaneka currently also vends high-performance materials like polyimide films & resin modifiers to the same end customers. Kaneka anticipates the acquisition of API as a mode of accomplishing a hastened synergistic development. Owing to the integration of cutting-edge core technologies from both corporations.

As soon as Kaneka is done with the processes of acquiring API, it will further seek M&A as well as other partnership opportunities. This is to even more reinforce the sales, growth & market position of higher performance composites in the aerospace market. By the end of 2025, Kaneka targets to attain almost $ 200 million in sales. The development will likely be attained by entirely operating as well as uniting Kaneka global resources incorporate product research & development. This is sited in institutes & research centers all across Japan and North America.