Now you don’t have to drag out your phone for tracking the food habits. Lifesum has launched the Google Assistant App which is the first food tracking application, makes it user-friendly to pay attention to eating patterns. In this application, the user can use their voice to add their patterns to their logs. The user can also update their body weight, solve the challenges and then ask for the updates on the progress of the user.

Lifesum customizes the size of meals based on the goals of the user. But the main problem of the voice control of this application is that it is not useful in a noisy restaurant. Google assistant application is very advantageous for health, whereas food logging is a time-consuming process that needs searching for the meal and then logging the accurate amount of food eaten.
The Swedish company launches a Google Assistant App that helps in logging water intake, body weight, and meals. Lifesum advertises how voice helps in interaction that is easier and quicker. This action can be worked on Android and by the Assistant iOS app and the Google home devices like Smart Displays and Speakers. This application is handled by saying “Hey Google, talk to Lifesum”. On the mobile, this will show a full-screen interface with the Lifesum’s logo and brand occurring in the top corner.
Total three categories can be logged in the Lifesum application. And the categories are as follows:

Water: Lifesum is useful in tracking the water intake in several different ways. By saying “Add three bottles of water” or “Track a glass of water” which will be automatically added to the account of the user.
Meals and snacks: In this users can log meals, comprising dinner, lunch, and breakfast, in the different sizes and snacks that are personalized to the individuals and their goals. Lifesum will offer tips on the basis of the size of the meal logged, for instance, signifying advice on improving heartburn and how to improve the sleep if the large meal is logged.

Weight: Users can use this application for updating the Lifesum with the body weight at any time, which is not important for those individuals who are not interested in maintaining, losing or gaining weight.
Google authorized to share data with Lifesum, the user can say “talk to Lifesum” any time for logging items. Unluckily, the user can’t add precise food items, but the user can add common meals. Lifesum is also useful in tracking the water intake and can be get done from the Google Assistant. With the help Lifesum, the user can track their weight. While speaking to the Lifesum app, the user can tell their current weight to the account.