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Los Angeles County Reports 12 Fully-Vaccinated Residents Infected with Covid-19

On Wednesday, Los Angeles County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer confirmed at least 12 residents had been infected by the coronavirus after being fully vaccinated. Ferrer reported, “Yes, it is possible to test positive for the virus after being fully vaccinated.” However, she estimated that the number of infections after vaccination is likely to be very small. She also said that these are the so-called “breakthrough cases” of infections found in the county in the long-term care facilities.

Of the 12 affected people, four of them were residents of the facilities and eight of them were the staff. Ferrer claims that she is sure that there are many such cases across the country. It is said that the infections from the facilities were not likely because of lack of precaution but because the data from those environments are better.

Ferrer says that most of the people who tested positive for the virus after being inoculated completely were asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. In the Los Angeles County, it is not known of anybody to be hospitalized or pass away. As the data is very incomplete, it is difficult to conclude anything and have a proper overall assessment.

According to county officials, Sonoma County reported nearly 39 breakthrough cases in 2 and a half months. It is certainly unclear how these 12 infections occurred in the vaccinated residents of the Los Angeles County. The number of Covid-19 variants is growing every day in Los Angeles. However, it is unknown which strain – if any – might be vaccine-resistant.

Health officials at the state, nation, and local levels say that whatever the case may be, the vaccines are still a good level of protection for the people.

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