America’s only neoprene plant is in trouble. There are two companies set in Reserve, Louisiana dealing in neoprene and responsible for the trouble. The environmental agency of Louisiana is suing both the companies for violating the clean air act. They are also being sued for disobeying other environmental laws. Therefore, also causing trouble to the lone standing neoprene plant.

Chloroprene makes neoprene which according to environmental protection agency is cancer causing. Their levels in Reserve are above the level of recommendation.

The Guardian has been running a project for one year from Reserve to monitor the air conditions and residents health. They are calling it a cancer town. Reports are also flowing in from New Orleans. People are calling it Cancer Alley. It is important for the Louisiana environmental agency for investigating this matter.

The environmental quality department of Louisiana is responsible for this check. They are issuing a letter to the attorney general of Louisiana stating the significance of action and response to the pollution problem in Reserve. This town is carrying a high risk of cancer that toxic air is causing. It is more than anywhere in America.

Moreover, the two companies under investigation are DuPont and Denka. Dupont is an American chemical company and Denka is a neoprene firm from Japan. LDEQ is requesting Herman Robinson for taking civil actions against them. The attorney general for Louisiana is supporting this. Denka is currently operating a unit of neoprene in Reserve. It is there since 2015. Dupont was operating it before since the 1960s. LDEQ is not considering pending cases. Denka is supporting the counsel here.

Both the companies are too big and filing a complaint against them is a big deal.