Healthcare industry needs to keep a step ahead of their competitor and patients’ needs. For this they should look for best in class healthcare marketing strategies that will keep their brand at top and retain their customer base. Here are some of the predictions for the marketing of healthcare industry in 2019:

  1. Millennials will require more than basics like easy access to their health records & to a doctor through a text message and demand for higher level of convenience.
  2. Online reviews will become heavily prioritized as well as even more important by the search engines than ever before in 2019. With the rising emphasis over online reviews one of the best form of fortification is to implement a program for reputation management and also motivate satisfied patients to speak out for the brand.
  3. Private equity acquisitions of the healthcare industry will further continue to grow as the sector is treated more like a business by investors. Moreover, the year ahead will witness some shockwaves in acquisitions, for instance CVS acquiring Aetna, for gaining the market share as well as distribution.
  4. Patients will continue their rapid advancements as healthcare consumers as they are mostly looking for good quality as well as cost-effectiveness. In this era of healthcare consumerism it is very vital for the organizations to prove themselves by providing quality service and replace any one negative review with the positive one.
  5. Google being the number one search engine and primary approach for any individual searching for health related information, thus for any healthcare organization needs to be at the top of the search results. For this Google has confirmed new algorithm known as E-A-T algorithm (Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness).