International card payments giant MasterCard on Monday announced the investment of approximately USD 1 billion in India in the upcoming years as well as strategies to create the nation a technology node across the globe for its platforms.

By now the corporation has invested almost USD 1 billion within the markets of India for the past five years.

“Over the past five years, we financed almost USD 1 billion in India. Given our growing confidence within the economy. Where India is probable of reaching over the next decade, we are moving up on our investment vow in the country. We are promising added USD 1 billion in India (for coming 5 years),” co-president, Asia Pacific, MasterCard- Ari Sarker, states in a statement.

The utmost vital thing about the investment is MasterCard’s commitment to building India as a technology node. That is for its global platforms, he added.

This investment might assist to raise innovation as well as upsurge MasterCard’s quickness to the capabilities of market & value-added services.

“What we indicate by that is as the payments grid we are an international network. All our trades pass through to the global network where the technology hubs are in the United States. Also, currently India is heading towards becoming a global technology node. It is amongst 1st country except for the United States” he said.

Building India technology node will signify that corporation’s authentication services, processing services, tokenization services & all other services. That covers the card payment industry will also have Indian existence.

Moreover, of USD 1 billion investment, about USD 300 million will utilize for developing India as a technology node globally.

The left over-investment would go to the current services & mounting capacity amongst others, Sarker voiced.