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Measuring Tape Can be the New Tool Predicting Diabetes

Diabetes is a highly prevalent health challenge in the United States. An increasing number of diabetic patients now, including young adults, has raised the need to address the disease. A new tool is considered to help predict in Black adults.

The recent study focuses on Black people as its candidates and determines that measuring the circumference of the waist can offer essential insights in foreseeing who is more susceptible to Diabetes. The study that was published on Wednesday assesses the Black population restricted Diabetes among people with normal blood sugar levels.

Diabetes is a commonly occurring high-risk disease that affects the eyes, kidneys, heart, or nerves along with increasing blood sugar levels. 1 in every 10 Americans suffers from, and the numbers are relatively higher in the case of the Black population with women (13.4%) and men (14.7%). The American Heart Association points out the racial parameter in the scientific world.As per the data released by the agency, the Black population’s chances to die of is twice that of their white counterparts. At the same time, the risk of getting hospitalized due to severe diabetic symptoms is three times as opposed to the white population.

During the study, researchers examined almost 4,000 Black adults who are not detected with Diabetes. They measured the wait circumference of these study candidates along with their BMI, after which they received varying blood test and imaging test results. Measuring waist circumference along with visceral adipose tissue and liver fat can e effectively used to predict.

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