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Meteor Showers Comes With  A Breathtaking Surprise this Week

Calm the breathe down because in the upcoming week you will bask one of the most breathtaking sky events of the year. The Eta Aquaird Meteor shower is making a dashing spotlight in the sky before dawn on Wednesday, May 5. If the sources are to be believed, the tailwind blazer is falling on from the debris trail of Halley’s comet.

Each time Halley’s Comet returns to the inner solar system, NASA said its nucleus “sheds a layer of ice and rock into space.” The dust grains from the debris eventually form the Eta Aquarids.The Eta Aquaird Meteor are well-known for their rapidness and swiftness to travel as they are transmitting at a speed of more than 148,000 miles per hour into Earth’s atmosphere. The Meteor are traveling at a high speed and it emerges a glowing train amid the fact that it can sustain itself for seconds or minutes.

NASA officials are getting more engaged in replicating Meteor with a more staggered approach. The Eta Aquairds arrive in May and the Orionids come in October if they collide with the Earth’s atmosphere. It is a Meteor shower one for the ages that you can’t miss. The difference between meteors is that it comes once in 76 years, and it is astonishing to have such an unveiling sight.

NASA officials said Halley’s Comet takes about 76 years to orbit the sun just once, and it will not enter the inner solar system again until 2061. At least have a slight briefing on how to watch the Meteor shower and it might take a deepening and thorough patience.

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