Microsoft currently announced an ambitious effort aimed to make voting secure, more transparent, and verifiable with open-source software. Top United States elections vendors have shown interest in possibly integrating the software with their voting systems.

This software kit is designing with Galois. It is an Oregon-based company designing a secure voting system prototype contract with innovative research of Pentagon’s agency, DARPA.

The Microsoft kit “ElectionGuard” will be available this summer, an official said. With early prototypes ready to test for general elections of next year. The initiative said by Satya Nadella, CEO, at a conference in Seattle

Nadella said that the software stack can update the complete election infrastructure across the globe.

Three leading U.S. companies control around 90% of the market for general election equipment. Hart InterCivic and ES&S both companies have shown interest in making a partnership with Microsoft for ElectionGuard.

A spokesman for Dominion told the company looks forward to “learning more” for the initiative.

The company officials told the ElectionGuard development kit will be offer free of charge of its protecting Democracy program.

The software kit aims to work as an individual product or existing election systems, told Josh Benaloh, Senior Cryptographer, Microsoft Research.

Benaloh aims to produce a National Academics of Science report the previous year which called for an urgent renovation of the tricky US election system. The report is well-known for all the United States elections to be held by 2020. It promotes a special form of routine post-election audits aims to ensure that precisely votes counting.

ElectionGuard intends to offer “end-to-end” authentication of voting in two ways, said Benaloh. It enables voters to confirm their votes are precisely record in the system.