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Microsoft New Feature Helps To Get Prepared For Presentation

Microsoft has announced its new feature called the presentation coaching tool. This will allow the users to practice the presentation without anybody’s help. This tool works on artificial intelligence and provides feedback to the users.

The PowerPoint was first launched for desktop users and currently, this is compatible on all devices. Microsoft added that this feature can be used in both iOS and Windows devices. This feature evaluates the user’s presence in various aspects.

According to the description provided on the support page, the tool evaluates users pacing, pitch, use of filler words, informal speech, euphemisms, and culturally sensitive terms. This also detects the repeated usage of words or when the users are simply reading the slide.

The users can rehearse the presentation and the tool provides users with a report that includes statistics and suggestions for improvements. The company not only expanded the devices supporting this feature but also added various methods of feedback. The tool also provides reports about body language, use of repetitive language, and pronunciation.

Microsoft said that the users must give permission to access video cameras to give users feedback on their body language when they are presenting virtually. This will help when users are facing the virtual audience during Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype meeting presentations.

This feature gives feedback in the summary report. It will include information like how clear the preview of the presenter is, how close they are to the camera, and also about the eye contact. The tool considers accents and has apparently been optimized for only American English Language. The tool will also detect mispronounced words, it will display the word(s) and provide even the correct pronunciation.

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