Microsoft has officially announced its Office 365 apps for MacOS App Store. Microsoft apps such as Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint, and other apps are now accessible for all Mac users. These apps were already available for iPad and iPhone users. But, Microsoft has made these apps available for the first time on the MacOS App Store.

To access these apps Mac users can go to the MacOS App Store and download them. Mac users also have the choice of purchasing a subscription for Microsoft Office 365 within these apps. Users can manually installed Office 365 from MacOS App Store. These apps can be downloaded for free, but a valid subscription is required to edit or create document.

As per the official press report, Apple stated that Microsoft Office 365 for Mac has been intended specially to support the new MacOS Mojave. This comprises support for the new Continuity Camera and Dark Mode. The Office 365 apps will also support the Mac’s Trackpad and MacBook Pro Touch Bar.

Apple also reported Office 365 apps on Mac App can be useful for business organizations too. IT administrators can distribute Office 365 to all employees on Macs by using the official Apple Business Manager.  This is a central dashboard for IT industries to organize devices, licenses, and apps.

According to the press statement, “Our team is delighted to welcome Office 365 to all the new MacOS App Store in new macOS Mojave.  Microsoft and Apple have worked with each other to design great Office efficiency to Mac users since from many days”, Said Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president.