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Microsoft Reportedly in Exclusive Talks to Acquire Discord

Initial reports showed that Microsoft was in early talks to acquire Discord. However, it appears that discussions have been advanced to the point where a deal could be closed by April end. According to the Wall Street Journal’s report, Microsoft and Discord have now entered exclusive talks that might lead to the communication platform being purchased for “$10 billion or more.”

The previous reports by GameBeat and Bloomberg said that Discord had no immediate plans to sell. Nonetheless, it appears that the talks with Microsoft have potentially shifted their decision. Bloomberg noted that the early conversations with the Discord team were being led by the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. It also reported that the company held meetings with Epic Games and Amazon.

Microsoft’s willingness to try and acquire additional assets can be seen here. It has tried to acquire well-known online brands over the last several months. With the successful purchase of ZeniMax, Bethesda’s parent company, and making an offer to purchase TikTok the previous year, the company can be trying aggressively to increase consumer media presence.

Over 140 million monthly active users have been reported to be Discord’s user limit of late last year. It is also a community hub for multiple demographics, which has continued to grow over time. WSJ also stated that the platform has expanded its userbase and has nearly tripled the revenue to around $130 million last year.

In case the deal is reached,Microsoft would also be able to integrate Discord into its gaming and communications ecosystem.

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