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Microsoft set to Launch All new Xbox Wireless Headset in March

Since the Xbox 360 days, there has been no new headset launched. Microsoft is all set to launch the new $99 Xbox Wireless Headset in the upcoming month. The headset is designed to connect with Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S Consoles, mobiles, and OC’s via Bluetooth.

Every aspect of the basic Xbox One Stereo and Wired Chat Headset is currently improved in the new design. Keeping the Surface Headphones as a design base, Microsoft has worked towards adding a similar rotating ear cup dial that helps adjust volume and game/audio chat balance.

The new headset design has a lightweight frame with large ear cups and an adjustable cushion headband. The Xbox Wireless Headset will also match the new Xbox Series X/S design. The Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone: X Spatial sound technologies will also be supported.

Keeping the Xbox party chats in mind, Microsoft has also worked on improving the microphone quality. The headset also helps isolate background noise with its dual beam-forming microphones and voice isolation features. The multi-device pairing feature of the headset allows you to connect your Xbox and your phone to the headset simultaneously. It is helpful for you to attend calls and listen to audio from your phone when you are playing.

The battery back-up of the headset is also commendable, which lasts up to 15 hours. A 30-minute charge over USB-C allows you to use the headset for almost four hours. It takes up to three hours to charge 100%. The new Xbox Wireless headset will be available at $99 worldwide starting March 16th.

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