Capitalization of market for any company is the measure of value of company on the basis of current shares in the chemical market. Chemical companies are delivering and manufacturing the chemicals which are destined for the work of industry level. These top companies are converting the raw materials into the advanced one and classify them into thousands of products. Because of industrial revolution, production of chemical goods started on large scale. Several top companies have started as chemical companies and have volunteered into various industries. Following is the list of popular companies of chemical:

1) Pidilite, India
This company is based in India and is headquartered in Andheri. Pidilite is a company of adhesives that delivers and manufactures construction and the chemicals based on other industry. Pidilite is the largest company in India and the world’s famous market of pidilite is Fevicol.

2) Tata Chemicals, India
Tata Chemicals is an Indian Company that focuses in chemicals and the nutrition of crop. Tata Chemicals is based in Mumbai and concentrates on the products of customer instead of industry. Tata Chemicals are manufacturing and delivering the soda ash and is second largest producer in the world. The annual revenue of the company is about USD 160 Billion and is accomplished by CFO John Mulhall.

3) LyondellBasell, Germany
LyondellBasell is a multinational company with the ancestries both in Europe and Germany. It is a public corporation concentrating on the procedures of refining and chemicals. LyondellBasell is the largest chemicals and plastics companies in world. LyondellBasell Company tries to increase the safety of food through malleable packaging and at same time attempt to make it less weighted for better efficacy. The best thing about this company is that they are putting their efforts to improve the product and focus on gaining the purity of water during the supply of water.

4) Air Products and Chemicals, United States
This is an international company situated in America and concentrates on delivering and manufacturing of chemicals and gases all over the world. Air Products and Chemicals are producing the processed and atmospheric gases for the use of several industries.

5) Dow Chemical, United States
It is also referred as Dow and company is based in Michigan, America. It is the largest chemical companies all over the world. They have various manufacturing plants all over the globe and their products are in the chemical and plastics industry. Currently, they have entered into agricultural sector and their products are of high quality and reliable.

6) BASF, Germany
It is the largest producer of chemical all over the world and has volunteered to produce the chemicals that are required for the production of dye and have entered into the soda and pharmaceuticals industries.

7) Syngenta, Switzerland
Based in Switzerland and this company are producing agrochemicals. The main focus of producing these chemicals is for agricultural usage.

These chemical companies are graded on the market capitalization by conducting several surveys. These surveys are taking the technical and service details of company into consideration.