Mowi In Trouble Over Chemical Use In Salmon Farming

Mowi is the number one ranking company in the world for salmon farming. But, currently, they are under serious investigation. An investigator is charging them for misreporting chemical use. Scottish regulators are investigating Mowi, initially known as Marine Harvest.

The process of treating Salmon involves medications. It keeps diseases and infestations away. Therefore, keeping salmon disease free and fresh. These medications are used in precise amounts.  Mowi is denying the misuse of medications. They are saying they used it sparingly.

Farmers are using chemicals like hydrogen peroxide for washing fish. Another chemical they are using is emamectin benzoate. This is used in salmon feed. It helps keep sea lice in check. Therefore, tackling one of the biggest problems in salmon farming.

Salmon farming is causing serious environmental issues. Pesticides, salmon feces and food waste from fish nets are damaging the environment in some of Scotland’s sea inlets.

In the UK, Mowi is producing up to 60000 tonnes per year.  They are claiming they have used only the required amount of chemicals in this product. They are also regular with their audits. Therefore, leaving no chance to blame.

Problems with Salmon Farming:

  • Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is investigating salmon farmers. It is also investigating Mowi.
  • SEPA is carrying unannounced inspections at Mowi head office in the UK. SEPA is claiming otherwise though. Therefore, tensing the situation.
  • Fish vaccination is essential for maintaining healthy fish.
  • SEPA is publishing its new guidelines soon. Therefore, making rules and regulation more stringent.
  • Scotland is having more than 200 fish farm Sin its sea inlets. Salmon rearing done in open nets.
  • Total fish weight and chemical use pre-subscribe to each farm.
  • SEPA is evaluating and analyzing salmon farms by testing sea beds.