Mozilla Firefox is currently being addressed by the crypto business for taking a courageous step towards testing a new feature designed for offering safety against the crypto mining malware as well as fingerprinting outbreaks.

This anti-tracking feature that is tested by Firefox averts other websites from accessing the browser. Plus tracking the activities even after clearing the cookies. Mozilla Firefox will now onwards block the cryptocurrency mining scripts. That aim at hijacking a PC’s means in order to mine the digital money, in other words, known as Cryptojacking.


Measured as the next great cyber-criminal, crypto jacking is one of the nastiest forms of malware attacks. It is also extremely challenging to detect. Firefox Nightly 68 & Beta 67 versions will probably confine the websites from attempting to fingerprint a particular browser as well as avert malware from reading the resources of a computer to mine cryptocurrency.

In addition, released summaries of the beta version of Firefox indicates, “Users can block known crypto miners [cryptojacking scripts] and fingerprinters in the Custom settings or their Content Blocking preferences.”

Also, Mozilla has amalgamated with Disconnect, which is a privacy & security software organization, to bring this new and innovative feature to its open-source browser. As per the BleepingComputer, Disconnect’s blacklist is evidently proficient of blocking the in-browser mining services.

A security research firm- BadPackets, claimed that Cognitive mining script is accountable for almost 81.6% of total web-based crypto jacking. However, Crypto-Loot was accountable for approx. 10.2-% of web-based crypto jacking.

Although Cryptojacking has become a major concern, the legitimacy tends to differ depending upon the region. A man from Ukrainian had to face 6 years of imprisonment for crypto jacking. But a Japanese court newly acquitted a man who had also been accused of the same.

Presently, these particular new features have been disabled by default. But then can be enabled by – Heading to the Privacy and Security tab on the main menu. Further, selecting the Custom in Content Blocking as well as selecting both the Cryptominers & Fingerprinters options is only needed to enable the feature.