Just like air is for life, tea is for survival, specifically, for those people who are working under a lot of stress! It acts as an instant refresher as well as the best companion of winter evenings when cutoff dates start haunting all over! Thus, tea acts as a savior for the majority of the people and it is that mystic dose of pleasure that leads to momentary pleasure in this brutal world!

People’s affection for tea is merely inimitable, yet do people know everything about this mystic drink as well as how different types of tea might aid in improving health & metabolism.

Tea derives from a plant known as Camellia sinensis that generally grows in marginally cold as well as tropical weather. There are a number of tea varieties available across the globe that are categorized depending upon the area it was cultivated, the period of a year it was picked & the method of processing followed. Every single type of tea possesses a taste and health benefit. Given below are the most popular types of tea with their health Benefits.

5 must-have tea variants and their health benefits:
  • Flower tea or blooming tea

This tea is not only sweet-smelling but is also very attention-grabbing! The flower tea gets its taste as well as flavor only when it is soaked in lukewarm water. Then the flower blooms and leaves behind a lovely taste. Furthermore, it is also known as an artisan or else flowering teas since they are hand-knotted by the artists of tea as well as frequently consist of certain types of flavor or aroma accompanied by a beautiful design. This tea makes for a pleasant gift as it is very beautiful & indulgent.

  • White tea

White tea is undoubtedly one of the purest forms of tea. Also, there is a very lesser amount of chances of adulteration since it makes for a light tea. Thus, if any individual has a thing for tea and wants to indulge in anything that is relaxing as well as soothing without having any after effects. Then this is a thing one should go for! It has a naturally sweet flavor that makes it a wonderful blend.

  • Green Tea

One of the most widespread variants of tea, green tea has been a craze amongst fitness enthusiasts. Because of its numerous health benefits. Also, green tea is rich antioxidants that make it a very delightful drink to detox as well as unwind.

  • Mate Tea

This one is perfect for lovers of coffee, as mate tea can simply replace the harness of black coffee. It has incredible aroma as well as subtle taste. Besides, mate is a wild shrub that is grown in Argentina naturally. This tangy tea is generally inspired in a gourd with a cleaned straw.

  • Oolong Tea

Served in attractive artistic cups, Oolong tea is also called Chinese tea. This one is known for its astonishing medicinal powers and has been a traditional blend consumed in China & several other countries in the Asian region.