Commonly known thick, sweet and dark colored liquid-honey which is made by honeybees. It is filled with the goodness of antioxidants as well as several nutrients that are very important for the human body. Moreover, it is amongst the most versatile ingredients that are available over the earth. Raw honey has got a number of benefits for health and is also known as a natural sweetener. Furthermore, it supports the lowering of bad cholesterol levels in the blood, also triggers a substantial rise in good cholesterol. It precludes numerous heart diseases by taking down high blood pressure.

However, organic raw honey is a good available choice. It has got anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties as well as can be used in a number of ways in foods & also in the body. Below are some of the benefits ways of using honey:

  • Dressing over Salad

    Fruit salads, baked veggies, sprouts can probably be severed with a sprinkle of honey on the top for adding flavor. Besides, the intake of honey in moderation is good for an individual’s health as it battles inflammation, also providing necessary vitamins & minerals.

  • Weight loss

    A glass of Luke warm water mixed with a tablespoon of honey on an empty stomach is the finest way of starting the day. In addition, a dash of lemon juice can also add for getting added benefits. This drink helps in boosting metabolism along with shedding those extra kilos efficiently.

  • Honey over bread

    Brown bread toasts dunked in raw honey is one of the coolest options for breakfast. It is the greatest alternative to sugary jams or any other spreads that might cause havoc on the health. So, adding a thinner layer of honey over the bread and having it with some avocados or berries is a delicious yet healthy breakfast option.

  • Medication for sore throat

    One can try making a cough syrup easily by adding grated using grated ginger to honey, to cure a sore throat. Having it at sore throat provides instant relief. Both honeys as well as ginger are associated with Ayurveda & are operative in curing symptoms of a cold.

  • Natural sweetener

    Honey is the healthiest alternative to sugar, one can substitute sugar with honey in all the food items. Such as including it in tea, smoothies, pancakes, shakes, etc.

  • Natural Moisturizer

    Washing off the face with honey & milk to keep it moisturized as well as glowing for a long time is the most effective way. Both milk & honey have moisturizing properties, using it frequently will result in getting acne free as well as the hydrated face. One might use honey directly over their lips at night as a natural lip balm.

  • Enable in Curing wound

    Besides having several health benefits, honey has also got certain magical properties for the skin & hair. Also, it uses in curing skin burns and sunburn. With just a slight massage of honey over the affected region might provide instant relief.