A chemical is an element containing matter, which includes any type of solid, liquid or gas. Moreover, the chemical can be a pure element or else could be any mixture (a solution, compound or gas). Furthermore, chemicals occur naturally as well as can also be created artificially.

Instances of Naturally Occurring Chemicals

Naturally arising chemicals either in the form of solid, liquid, or gas. In addition, naturally arising solids, liquids or gases might be created of specific elements or even may consist of several elements in the form of molecules.

Gases: Oxygen, as well as nitrogen, are naturally arising gases. Collectively, they form a large amount of air for breathing. Additionally, hydrogen is one of the most common naturally-arising gas within the universe.

Liquids: Possibly the most significant naturally arising liquid within the universe is water. Moreover, water acts inversely from several other liquids as it enlarges when frozen. The behavior of this natural chemical has had a powerful effect over the geography, geology as well as the biology of the Earth.

Solids: Any solid article found within the world is created with chemicals. For instance, plant fibers, rocks, animal bones and soil all are made up of chemicals. Besides, there are certain minerals, like copper, zinc that are made up of wholly from one single element. Nevertheless, granite is a metamorphic rock made up of a number of elements.

Instances of Artificially Made Chemicals

Human beings perhaps have started combining chemicals before the noted history. Approximately 5,000 years ago, although, we recognized that people instigated merging metals (copper & tin) for making a robust, malleable metal known as bronze. The origination of bronze was a big event. Since it made it probable to form an enormous range of new utensils, weapons, as well as armor.

Bronze is a form of alloy that has become a staple of construction & trade. Since the past few hundred years, a number of different mixtures of elements have resulted in the formation of lightweight aluminum, stainless steel, foils as well as other types of valuable products.

Moreover, artificially formed chemical compounds have entirely transmuted both foods as well as pharmaceutical industries. Also, arrangements of elements have made it probable to preserve & flavor food reasonably and substances are also used for creating a wide range of textures from crunchy, chewy to smooth. Artificial chemical compounds are a very important part of the medicinal industry. By combining active as well as inactive chemicals in pills, druggists might treat several different illnesses.