In July 2018, Netflix revealed a ‘Smart Downloads’ feature for its Windows 10 and Android apps to aid the downloaded episodes on your device.

Now, Netflix has finally brought its ‘Smart Downloads’ feature to iOS devices. The feature is now live on the Netflix app for iPhone and iPad users. The download management feature is designed to reduce the annoyance while content downloads, as it automatically populates new episode for offline broadcasting when users are finished watching an older one in the sequence.

With this feature, Netflix will wait until your device is connected to an Internet connection before removing watched programs and downloading the following available one.

The ‘Smart Download’ feature only operates when users are connected to the network, means the user does not have a concern about finishing up their mobile data after downloading episodes from Netflix app.

To enable this feature on the iOS device, users have to visit the App Store to check whether you have installed the newest version of the Netflix app. Once you have updated it, simply go to the downloaded section of the Netflix app user will get the ‘Smart Downloads’ option at the top of the app.

The feature simply works by recognizing the series and the programs users are watching and then he can decide when to start the automatic download action. It automatically deletes finished episode and ensures that there is enough space to download new content. Means, if the user downloaded first 3 episodes, then watches the first episode, the ‘Smart Download’ feature will delete the watched episode and starts to download the fourth episode. Most importantly, Smart Download feature will only applicable for episodic shows, and not for the movies.