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New Discoveries From the Fossil beneath Greenland Ice

Many fossilized leaves are found beneath the Greenland ice may give details about the history of Earth’s climate. The fossil reveals details about the climate and plant life.

A recent study reveals that the plants were first unearthed by the U.S Army scientists in the 1960s and only recently re-observed may indicate that the planet has previously undergone periods of warming climates. This was published on Science Direct, the study describes how University of Vermont scientist, Andrew Christ, was shocked to see plants and sediment in the frozen dirt that the U.S. Army scientists had sampled.

After a closer examination, Christ and an international team of fellow scientists came to the conclusion that these plants are part of a boreal forest. They were able to grow after the first sheet of ice in Greenland melted.

Christ added that ice destroys everything in their path. Within the cores, which come from deep within the ice sheet at Camp Century, Greenland, researchers became the first ever to find these millions-of-years-old macrofossils, which are large enough to be seen without a microscope.

Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, professor at the University of Copenhagen Niels Bohr Institute said that the researchers have not found anything similar to this. We pinched ourselves and were not able to believe our eyes. These twigs and leaves reveal a rare and unique story about the vegetation of the Greenlandic landscape as it was millions of years ago, when Earth’s climate was warmer, and Greenland wasn’t covered by ice.Dahl-Jensen added that these hardy plants can tolerate cold conditions. The researchers have found that boreal forests are conifer, birch, and willow forests common to Canada and Alaska.

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