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New Feature in Google Maps Will help you to find the destination

Google Maps have announced its new features. The users can add pictures along with one-line text with the help of a new button. This will appear under the updates tab. The new feature will let users explore places more closely through Maps.

Kevin Reece, Google Maps’ Director of Product said that to make Maps reflect the real world it would be easy to allow any user to contribute to Google Maps with their Google account. With an account, a user can contribute to nearly 200 million places. This update will allow people to go everywhere and make better plans to go around the place.

The user can also add new or missing roads. The user has to go to on their desktop. They have to select many which are on the top left corner and choose the edit the map option to add the missing road.

Maps also allow the user to draw the new road after selecting the missing road option. Users can also fix an address or fix where it appears on the map,  add a missing place, fix wrong information, and share feedback. Google also mentions that they would “vet” the road updates before publishing them to make sure the suggestions and edits are accurate.

Users can post many pictures they want. People planning to visit the place can glance through the pictures shared by others. Maps will arrive shortly to Android users in the US and allow them to participate in a community challenge of sorts, which will let them write important information like a store’s new timings or contact information. 

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