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Introducing New Editing Features for Google Photos Users

Android users are set to receive a new video editor application offered by Google photos. Its new feature consists of more than 30 controls that can help the user to enhance the video. This feature was earlier restricted to Google pixel users.


This new feature allows the user to edit the picture, crop, change perspective, and also add filters. Like any other video editing application, the user can trim, stabilize, and rotate a video. This tool also includes Portrait Lighting, portrait blur, and color pop. Google Photos users will also be able to apply granular edits, including brightness, contrast, saturation, and warmth. These features are available for both IOS and android users.


Google photos are considered as one of the all-in-one photo storage as well as editing applications. The company also helps in developing machine learning capabilities to get the best shots out of smartphone cameras with the latest sensor technology.


Google also plans to update and re-design the Google photos already available on IOS devices. This update is already available on android. However, the photo and video editing features are only available for the Google 1 members. The subscription for Google 1 is available at a nominal cost of $1.99 per month. Other features such as additional cloud storage space of up to 100GB are also available.


The user must use a device with at least 3GB of RAM and Android 8 Oreo or above to try out the new features. This feature comes just a few months after Google changed the policy of offering free unlimited storage on Google Photos, which will come into effect starting June 1, 2021. The company didn’t reveal the date for IOS users.

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