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New Features in IOS 14.6 and iOS 14.6 Update

Shazam, which is owned by Apple, was fully integrated into the iPhone and iPad last year with iOS 14.2. It has introduced a new toggle to identify songs right from the Control Center. Now with iOS 14.6, Apple has expanded that integration and turned it into an App Clip packed with information about the song.

The user was redirected to the Shazam website once they tapped the Control Center toggle to identify the song. The experience has become more like that of a native app thanks to a new Shazam App Clip that comes with iOS 14.6. App Clip is a small part of an app that is quickly downloaded to the device so that the user can experience the app and interact with it without having to download the full version from the App Store. This feature has been available for developers since the introduction of iOS 14.6, and Apple is adopting it in its apps.

The process for identifying songs using Shazam remains the same. All you need to do is access the Control Center and tap the Shazam icon. Users instead of getting a notification that redirect them to the website where they will see the song details through Shazam’s Clip App.

Users can easily share the song through other apps, access the lyrics, play it on Apple Music, and more. There’s also an option to download the full version of Shazam right from the App Clip.iOS 14.6 is available to developers and users who are part of the Apple Beta Software Program. The update is expected to become available to the public in the coming days.

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