The Health Ministry of New Zealand is going to Cabinet this June to get sanction to develop an in-depth business case.

Electronic Health Record

The Ministry has stimulated from the idea of creating a single EHR (Electronic Health Record). This is for developing a national HIP which will allow data about the single patient to be share, mention by the deputy director of data & digital, Shayne Hunter.

Shayne was an important speaker at the Developing Tech in Health discussion in Christchurch on 21st May.

“We are moving beyond an outline of ‘we will drive for a single Electronic Health Record in a physical sense’,” he said.

However, the ministry is concentrating on joining up data services to deliver information of a patient through a national HIP.

“This is not just a technical platform, but some other components to support superior information sharing,” he said.

An idea to develop a national EHR was likely to take 3-5 years, declared by the government at the HiNZ conference 2015.

In 2017, the business case was accessible to the Cabinet Committee on SSREC (State Sector Reform & Expenditure Control).

The committee demands further information on the benefits and costs of an Electronic Health Record. However, these were likely to go back to Cabinet for sanction in December 2017. Though, the Ministry has since re-focus its hard work on making a business case for the nHIP.

“Interoperability is core to the novel platform. However, it will have the ability to collect virtual electronic records on an ‘as required’ basis from several reliable sources. And offer access to data and services”, said Darren Douglass, Ministry Group Manager.

However, the nHIP will be a major enabler for real-time clinical decision support, allowing patients to self-manage about their health. And data-driven and wellbeing healthcare, he said.

The Ministry is scheduling a phased approach to execution with investment in tranches.