The new development in the battle against cancer. It’s not the innovative technique but the new method that essentially places the tumor of patient in the hands of surgeon’s before walking in the operative room.

After around 36 hours, innovation in the Veterans Administration Puget Sound Hospital Lab comes up with the medical invention is 3D printer. Primarily, while covering the layers and can observe the replica of Greg Marshall’s kidney in 3D printer and can recognize the cancer. Marshall claimed that he assumed that he was suffering from the urinary tract infection.

Doctors cannot comfort his concern as communicated with Marshall through his disease by using the images from the scans. Marshall stated that “It seems like gobbled gook to Marshall, as it occurs in stages”.

To understand the difficulties of Greg Marshall’s Kidney and the forthcoming surgery with the 3D model in hand very easily. Marshall arrived to visit Doctor Michael Porter at Veterans Administration. Michael Porter was capable of showing Marshall precisely where the tumor was situated, its size, and converse how the procedure of surgery will progress.

Porter claims that this kind of patient education is the primary area of possibilities coming up with 3D printing. The secondary is surgical planning. The 3D model supports Dr. Porter to make the patient ready for the consequences of the complicated surgery. Before the birth, two kidneys of Marshall were raised into one single organ.

Dr. Porter commented regarding Marshall, “Marshall has additional blood vessels”. “Many of the people have one vein and one artery that is supporting kidney. But Marshall has at least two veins and two arteries.

If Dr. Porter efforts for removing the tumor deprived of controlling the extra blood vessels, where patients can suffer disastrous blood loss. Dr. Porter needs to save a single kidney. Past surgery, Dr. Porters examined the 3D model and during surgery, Dr. Porters referred to it again.

Dr. Porter claimed to a colleague “See the artery right there, following that, so the vein is actually way north of us”. This kind of planning hold back time in the operating room, and saves money.

By using the 3D model to plan the complicated surgery that can save the time or money with the structure is cost-effective for production.

Dr. Porter claims that the third benefit of 3D printing is yet to come, in the type of practicing surgery.