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No Clear Decision of Need of Third Vaccine Shot

As per the trusted sources of information, the Vaccine company, named Pfizer states its plan to meet the US top health officials on Monday, to discuss about the request for federal authorization of the COVID-19 vaccinations’ third dose by the company, as stated by the medical advisor of President Joe Biden, who said that it is completely conceivable and maybe the booster shots will be needed for the people.

The company further stated that the meeting was scheduled to be held with the Food and Drug Administration and the other officials on Monday, after understanding that the booster shot will be needed to be given to the people within 12 months of the first two doses of Vaccine.

Dr. Mikael Dolsten, from Pfizer stated that as per the early data from the study carried out by the company, if the patient is given a booster third shot, his or her immunity against the virus rises up to 5 to 10 fold as compared to the first two doses of the Vaccine that are been given to them.

Further, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that we cannot rule out the possibility but it is not yet clear if the government will give out the notice to inject another Vaccine shot to the people after the other two doses. He further added that the FDA and CDC took a great decision in the previous week by not going for Pfizer’s claim of the people needing third shot of Vaccine as it is not necessary in the current times.

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