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Nvidia is Doubling the Price of GeForceNow

Nvidia has announced the price change of GeForceNow cloud gaming services. The company has doubled the price and currently, the subscribers have to $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. This new subscription is called the priority membership.

GeForce Now will allow the users to access the games that they already have on their PC. They can access the games using cloud streaming. The games are hosted on Nvidia’s servers and then streamed to the player on devices of all kinds. They can be streamed on computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and browsers.

Players can stream games on platforms like Steam, the Epic Games Store,, and Uplay. This can happen until GeForceNow can support the game. Nvidia offers two subscription options to the users. The free tier only requires an Nvidia account, but limited playtime. The free tier users have only one-hour sessions. The Founders tier, which cost $4.99 per month or $24.99 for six months. This provides players with priority access to cloud servers. The users can play games for six hours and ray-traced graphics are provided.

The new priority membership will replace the founder tier. It is double the price of an already existing subscription. The membership will open sometime around Thursday. According to Nvidia, there are currently more than 10 million users having founders tiers. They can take the Founders For life benefit to access the same account. The founder tier benefit was launched in February 2020 when Nvidia bought GeForce Now after years of testing.

These features include a larger library of games. The latest update (v2.0.28) will introduce adaptive V-sync technology, allowing each game’s refresh rate to be synchronized between the server and the display the user is viewing.

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