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Oklahoma To Unveil Covid-19 Vaccine Eligibility to Non-residents

The Oklahoma State Department of Health announced that the state will open the Covid-19 Vaccine to nonresidents. The program will commence with effect from Thursday, April 8.  Oklahoma becomes the first State across the US to implement such a revolution.

According to the OSDH, due to increasing supply and continued progress in vaccination efforts, the states are looking to eliminate the residency criteria for receiving the Covid-19 Vaccine in Oklahoma effective April 8. It would have large implications in strengthening its bonds with the neighboring states as it will allow residents beyond Oklahoma to administer the vaccine.

“While our focus has been and will continue to be on vaccinating Oklahomans, we have always known there would be a point at which supply and increasing capacity would allow us to welcome residents from neighboring states into Oklahoma to get vaccinated,” said Deputy Commissioner Keith Reed.

The significant step exhibits how far the State of Oklahoma has come in delivering the Covid-19 Vaccines. The officials believed that the virus does not adhere to boundaries drawn on a map. Hence, they are welcoming residents from other states to get their vaccines. In doing so, the health department is providing an assurance of high vaccination rates in the region and providing an extra layer of protection to the US residents.

Last week, OSDH announced that the state passed the long-sighted target of administering 2 million total doses. The glorious Achievement makes the State hold on to the top spot in vaccine administration rates. With everything working on course, there is a lot to be hopeful for in the coming months for OSDH. Although the progress shows mouth-watering signs, it’s still going to require a continued commitment to Oklahoma’s mitigation efforts.

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