Oman is flourishing with the oil and petroleum industry. Therefore, it will soon receive its maiden polymer producing production center. The event is unfurling jointly by officials from Oman Development and China-based chemical stalwart, ZL EOR Chemicals. This upcoming chemical company will span a total of over 33,000 sqm along the Raysut industrial belt in Oman’s Salalah area. The initial production capacity is targeting 15,000 tons annually. It will eventually be raising a whopping 70,000 tons annually. Therefore, meeting the target of petroleum products in the region.

Oman Development Petroleum Firm’s Bin Turki is affirming long term collaboration with China. It will jointly expedite to enhance sophistication in workflow and technologically advanced production technologies. This will drive superlative returns on investment.

ZL EOR Chemicals Polymer Production Facility to Complement ICV Blueprint Program

It is the first of its kind in the region for exclusive applications in oil production expeditions. The development is aptly complementing ICV’s Oil and Gas Industry blueprint strategy.  The design is from 2013. The program is aiming regional level production of polymers, a prerequisite for oil recovery initiatives.

Besides important guests from Oman Development, the event saw several high profile stakeholders in the oil and gas industry spectrum. This first of its kind polymer production factory display state of the art facilities and advanced technologies such as centralized control, automation, and polymerization to adequately meet local polymer production needs.

PDO Managing Director Raoul Restucci affirmed PDO’s firm stance in aiding superlative support and aid in fulfilling ICV’s blueprint program to multiply oil and gas assets in the region. Locally sourced polymers is a long-standing objective and with this novel venture, Oman’s collaboration with Chinese chemical company is foreseen to clock heavy returns.