President of United States, Donald Trump declared that he will conduct a two-day summit meeting with the leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un on Feb. 27-28 in Vietnam to carry on their efforts to encourage Kim to surrender his nuclear weapons.

Trump has commented that his surpass to Kim and first meeting with Kim in Singapore in June 2018 has unlocked the track to peace. On the other hand there is no actual plan for implementing denuclearization.

Denuclearization of North Korea has gave away U.S for more than two years, ever since it was primarily learned that North Korea was close by for obtaining the nuclear weapons.

Trump in State of Union address commented that “As share of bold new international relations, US continue their significant push for peace on Peninsula of Korea”.

National Intelligence Dan Coats, Director informed Congress that officials of U.S intelligence don’t have confidence in Kim will remove their nuclear weapons or the ability to build as Kim believes as the key for the survival of regime. Video of satellite taken in the summit held in June has specified North Korea is enduring to generate nuclear materials at the factories of weapon.

In the year 2018, North Korea unconfined American prisoners, adjourned long-range and nuclear missile tests and parts of facility of the rocketlaunch and pull apart nuclear test site with the absence of experts.

It has constantly commanded that United States respond with the measures like authorizations relief, where Washington has titled for North Korea to take footsteps like offering a in-depth account of missile and nuclear facilities that will be dismantled and inspected in a potential deal.

In the second summit of Trump and Kim, experts are commenting that North Korea is expected to trade the damage of Yongbyon nuclear complex for a promise of U.S to announce the end of Korean War, open an office in Pyongyang and let North start with some profitable economic projects in South Korea.

Trump commented that “Hostages of US have come home, stopped nuclear testing and no missile launch in around 15 months”. If Trump had not been the President of US, in the current situation, US would be in a war with North Korea.

After the first meeting with Kim Trump commented that while Kim would like to take troops home, “that’s not the part of equation currently”.