In today’s world, agriculture is supported by the scientific knowledge and uses new research as well as technology for improving the yield and even protects the crop from any king of damage. The agriculture market ecosphere is witnessing several up gradations including development of various career prospects along with the introduction of new fields. The main factor of agriculture is the agrochemical industry. The industry of agriculture is helpful in increasing the agrochemicals penetration that are allowing farmers all over the world in improving the yields of crop and wages in accepting the productive ways of damage of pests.  Various specializations have occurred in the fields of weed, pest, disease management, research and manufacturing. Innovative advancements such as introduction of plant breeding techniques, introduction of green chemistries, biological products, efficient and improved equipment of agriculture, usage of techniques of soil testing and agrochemical industry are changing the role of agriculture.

Marketing of Agrochemicals: Promoting the agrochemical products is a huge field in the industry of marketing are needing the special experience and expertise. Agrochemicals marketing is targeting farmers and retailers directly. Many of the agrochemical manufacturing organizations are employing the department of marketing to support the new products to audience. Agrochemical marketing is the most productive opportunity.

Research of Agriculture: Department of agricultural research has been increased in the current years, with the development and research being acknowledged for improving the crop yields. Two basic subjects of agricultural research are bio efficacy and chemistry. Agricultural research are concentrating on the domain of crop, weed and insects disease.

Agriculture scientists are playing a major role in developing the agrochemicals industry by inventing new products and ways for enhancing the productivity of agriculture, advancement of agricultural fertilizers and chemicals. Activities of research & development in the sector of agrochemicals is an escalating field and are experiencing a growth in the R&D activities.

Professional of Pesticide Regulatory: Registration and licensing is the essential part of the agrochemical sector. If anyone wants to be on bright side of the guidelines, it is very important to limit the composition of the agrochemical products as per the legal limits and method in obtaining the permission for sale and production.

Constitutional laws with respect to the health and environment laws of state and nation, and registration of the new product are the main role of the regulatory professional. Companies of manufacturing agrochemicals are committing the positions for the professional of regulatory for making sure that the products meet the terms will all standards.

Researcher of Agricultural Formulation: Formulation researchers are tangled in the agrochemicals production and the work of moving technology from lab to the field. Straight involvement in designing and development of new product are the fascinating opportunities for the formulation researcher in agrochemicals.

Expert of Quality Assurance: In the agriculture sector, control and quality assurance is the required function. Thus, during the production of agrochemicals on the field, it is necessary for keeping the quality of the product. Reviewing and monitoring the information of raw material, reviewing the equipment, crops, materials and detecting the environmental changes very useful in quality assurance.

Specialists of crop testing, are the one who checks the agrochemical products on crops and works with the experts of quality control by investigating scientifically with product trial on various crops to help in studying the information via observation.