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Oregon Woman’s Death Could be Bad News for Jonhson & Johnson

An Oregon woman died after receiving the Johnson & Johnson one-shot COVID-19 vaccine, state health officials said Thursday. The misery over the pause of the vaccine keeps on increasingly debatable with each passing day. State health officials said they received information from the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention about the death, and also reiterated that the government agency is investigating the matter.

Johnson & Johnson CEO was high in hopes that the company could move away from the pause and restart administering the vaccine across the States. But the new reports of a woman dying after taking the vaccine could further hamper the growth plans of Johnson & Johnson. The alleged rumors however are not confirmed at the moment. Until the CDC completes its investigation, officials said they cannot officially comment on whether her death is related to the vaccine.

« Until the investigation is complete, it cannot be concluded whether her death is related to the vaccine,” the OHA said in a news release.The OHA said the woman, who was in her 50s, received the vaccine before the US ordered a pause on its use. Over the past few weeks, the case took turmoil as she developed a rare but serious blood clot within two weeks of receiving her vaccination. According to the OHA, the CDC learned about the woman’s death on April 18 through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, a national reporting system used to collect reports of rare susceptible events after the vaccination.

The scrutiny over the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine had been enraging across the community and the officials claimed that the pause could further be extended if the news is proved to be true. Officials said that six other women in the US developed the same serious blood clot after receiving the vaccine before the US issued the pause. The pause could hinder the expectation of a rejuvenated effort of the company with its revenues also slumping at huge numbers day by day.

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