Increase in the Internet of things (IoT) or connecting home devices are giving a lease of life to electronic products. Electronic products like fans, television, air purifiers, air conditioners, and refrigerators.

Regardless of usefulness, they incline to demand to tech-savvy customers. On the other hand, smart fans are a different story overall. In addition, automating many of the actions that are essential to complete manually, providing the utility functions in conventional fans.

In addition to automating the actions that are essential to perform manually, the smart fans deliver additional utility functions that are not able to perform in conventional fans.

To apprehend the working of smart fans from India’s leading customer electronics brand Orient. It labels as Aero Slim which is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and the smart speakers. Smart speakers are mechanical by services like Google Home and Amazon Echo. For setting up the fan to work with the speakers or devices is a difficult procedure to operate using voice commands. Inappropriately, voice command characteristic limits the turning of a fan on or off.

For the extra services, an application is present on the Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS devices. The easy-to-use app is having various characteristics, involves setting the timer to turn off/ on a fan, regulates fan speed, change modes and disable or permit fanlight.

The application has the option of scheduling fan operations, for instance, create the schedule to turn on fan daily with the fan speed set at supreme and lights turn off. The characteristic makes it convenient to mechanize the task of using a fan as per the schedule.

The fan comes pushing the remote controller with a tiny shape. Negligible in design, a remote controller is dedicating keys to control fan speed, change modes, change the intensity of light and off/ on a fan. Remote control can perform all the tasks except automation features and schedule that is valid for an app only.
On the basis of usability, a fan is a silent performer with an air pitch coverage area.

It works by using voice commands, and additional features present in the app is useful than conventional fans. There are various features about Aero Slim fan that customer likes. On the other hand, it is the complete package of all the app features supporting voice commands.