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Our Team

Chief Editor:

Charles Manriquez
Chief Editor

Charles Manriquez heads the editing department at Orbis Market Watch and is best known for his diligence towards creating compelling reader-friendly content aligning with reader preferences. Besides being adept in his field, he is also skilled at time management practices which ensures he delivers ahead of deadlines, every single time. Besides being a great team player himself, he is highly efficient in maintaining uniformity amongst his subordinates to ensure impeccable news delivery. His exceptional story-telling abilities fetch him innumerable eye-balls and loyal followers.

Phone: +19162776289

Nancy Wright
Sub Editor

Nancy Wright is next in the hierarchy and oversees crucial functional elements such as news sourcing and maintaining complete authenticity for a thoroughly objective news presentation. She is in charge of task delegation which she accomplishes with a finer grit. Additionally, with extensive research experience and team handling capabilities, she is a perfect fit for our sub-editorial role. Her leisure activity and hobby, which is photography go a long way in adding value to most of our news stories.

Phone: +19162776289

Content Team :

Javier Wheeler

Wheeler is a fine writer who also has several degrees and accolades in his kitty. An ardent physics and science lover, he has graduated in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania, besides also acquiring a certificate in Energy, Innovation and Emerging Technologies in later years. His passion for objective writing has earned him a certificate in journalism as well and has also very recently completed a course in digital content management. Prior to his stint as the Chief Editor at Orbis Market Watch, Javier also served as Managing Editor with several organizations of repute.

Phone: +19162776289

Jade W. Rivers Jade W. Rivers

Jade W. Rivers is an excellent writer and has been conferred with several awards and titles, recognizing her exceptional writing expertise. AT a tender age she has over 2000 articles under her belt and the number is still on the rise. In her free time, she also freelances and is an active blogger. Additionally, she also takes paper learning and essay writing classes across institutes. In her early days, she has also worked as a reporter for various newspapers, magazines, and e-zines. Jade also has exposure in Corporate content specialist roles thus has knowledge on content selection, understands trending topics, and eventually develops well-researched content for emerging technologies such as AI.

Phone: +19162776289

Billy Middleton

Middleton is serving as our lead writer in the business category. Besides being a dedicated writer, he also is a multi-tasker with hands-on experience in social media monitoring and content strategizing which he has done at varied points in his career, working for multiple organizations. His expertise as far as writing prowess is concerned, encompasses whitepapers, newsletters, blog posts social media snippets as well as case studies. He is a dedicated technical writer and owes his knowledge to his bachelor’s degree in telecommunication. His flair for writing however outweighed his career option of a qualified engineer.

Phone: +19162776289

Mary Williams

Mary has been consistently working as a lead writer in the health category and is one of the longest-serving employees at Orbis Market Watch. Besides being a dedicated writer, she is also a science and fiction enthusiast, hence her experience is put to judicious utilization in the health category. Her research skills are equally versatile which also helps her in understanding tricky topics seamlessly, thus delivering reader-friendly content.  When she isn’t writing she has often been spotted reading voraciously on multiple subjects, which also makes her eloquent and has earned her role also in our editing team.

Phone: +19162776289

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