Top 5 Most Popular Food Delivery Mobile Applications

With technological advancements, people are looking over mobile applications for all their work to be accomplished, right from paying bills online to the purchase of grocery products everything is being ordered from mobile applications. Moreover, with rising number of young professionals in several major cities of the country Food Delivery Apps are gaining instant importance among the populace, where they get variety of options to select among huge number of applications available to compare for prices and offers available.

Below are some of top food delivery applications available:
1. Swiggy
This is among the top rated application for food ordering mobile in India. The concept of swiggy was stimulated with the vision of providing an edibles requirements along with the delivery arrangement from the finest hotels available nearby to the customers.

2. Zomato
Zomato is an online food ordering service application that was started by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in the year 2008. This food delivery service in India is functional in almost all the major cities of India. In addition, zomato is one of the biggest rival of swiggy in India.

3. Uber Eats
Uber Eats is a popular online food ordering application that is a venture of Uber Technologies, Inc. a well-known cab service company across the globe. This application is being used by the populace of all the big cities of India including Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi and more.
Additionally, Uber Eats allow its users to pick-up the favorite food from the nearby hotels and delivers it to the doorstep of the user in quick span of time. Moreoevr, in a lesser time span Uber is giving a tough competition to various big market leaders like Swiggy & Zomoto.

4. Foodpanda
This is also one of the prominent online food ordering website as well as mobile application that is functional in almost 43 different countries across the world as per the survey conducted in the year 2017. The company was founded in 2012 and has it’s headquarter in Berlin, Germany. In addition, business had associated with around 40000 local restaurants in several big cities so that they can provide on time delivery to their customers.

5. Dominos
Dominos is amongst the prominent pizza delivery application that is available in both Android as well as iOS platforms. Previously, delivery service by dominos were done placing order through phone call, but now with technological progression they have also launched mobile applications for order placement.

Top 5 Most Profitable Small Business Ideas

Nowadays, many dynamic and young people are looking for small businesses to get maximum profits. They are considering for low-cost and high-profit small business ideas. In order to benefit them, here are 5 small business ideas will help them to get more profit. If you are a new businessperson and looking for best income opportunities these small business ideas are for you. These ideas are ever popular and based on public demand.

List of 5 Small Profitable Businesses:
1. Restaurant
2. Catering
3. Real Estate Dealer
4. Game Parlor
5. Mobile Sale and Repair

1. Restaurant Business

The restaurant business is the most profitable business in terms of profit. Tasty and healthy food is a necessity for everyone. If you are interesting in serving the tasty food this business idea is for you. With this business, you can suppose decent profit rate up to 25% from restaurant business.
People are living lavish and fast lifestyle today. Because of busy schedule they don’t have time to prepare food at home. So, they choose to spend money for eating food from restaurant. The demand for food will not go down this is the main reason behind the profit of restaurant business.

2. Catering Business

For events such as birthday, marriage serving food is essential. For such incidence, no one spend their time for preparing food, they definitely hire best catering service by spending money, and this is the major reason to start catering business. The catering is also profitable business idea from food industry. To start catering business you need very less assets.

3. Real Estate Dealer

The requirement of homes and commercial buildings will never go down. Real estate sector is also one of the profitable business. Smart city project and infrastructures will give a best profit in this sector. If you are looking for a business with small asset, real estate dealer business is perfect for you.

4. Game Parlor

The game parlor is one of the good business idea. In this business, you need small capital to start a game parlor. If you are looking for game parlor business, you need to choose posh area or any shopping mall for opening game parlor.

5. Mobile Sale and Repair

Nowadays, smartphones are available in wide range. People are choosing to spend money for trendy smartphones. Changing smartphone features and buying an expensive phone are main factors for increasing growth of this business. If you are looking for such business type, this business idea is ideal for you. You can expect satisfactory profit from this business.

Most Popular Chemical giants in the world

Capitalization of market for any company is the measure of value of company on the basis of current shares in the chemical market. Chemical companies are delivering and manufacturing the chemicals which are destined for the work of industry level. These top companies are converting the raw materials into the advanced one and classify them into thousands of products. Because of industrial revolution, production of chemical goods started on large scale. Several top companies have started as chemical companies and have volunteered into various industries. Following is the list of popular companies of chemical:

1) Pidilite, India
This company is based in India and is headquartered in Andheri. Pidilite is a company of adhesives that delivers and manufactures construction and the chemicals based on other industry. Pidilite is the largest company in India and the world’s famous market of pidilite is Fevicol.

2) Tata Chemicals, India
Tata Chemicals is an Indian Company that focuses in chemicals and the nutrition of crop. Tata Chemicals is based in Mumbai and concentrates on the products of customer instead of industry. Tata Chemicals are manufacturing and delivering the soda ash and is second largest producer in the world. The annual revenue of the company is about USD 160 Billion and is accomplished by CFO John Mulhall.

3) LyondellBasell, Germany
LyondellBasell is a multinational company with the ancestries both in Europe and Germany. It is a public corporation concentrating on the procedures of refining and chemicals. LyondellBasell is the largest chemicals and plastics companies in world. LyondellBasell Company tries to increase the safety of food through malleable packaging and at same time attempt to make it less weighted for better efficacy. The best thing about this company is that they are putting their efforts to improve the product and focus on gaining the purity of water during the supply of water.

4) Air Products and Chemicals, United States
This is an international company situated in America and concentrates on delivering and manufacturing of chemicals and gases all over the world. Air Products and Chemicals are producing the processed and atmospheric gases for the use of several industries.

5) Dow Chemical, United States
It is also referred as Dow and company is based in Michigan, America. It is the largest chemical companies all over the world. They have various manufacturing plants all over the globe and their products are in the chemical and plastics industry. Currently, they have entered into agricultural sector and their products are of high quality and reliable.

6) BASF, Germany
It is the largest producer of chemical all over the world and has volunteered to produce the chemicals that are required for the production of dye and have entered into the soda and pharmaceuticals industries.

7) Syngenta, Switzerland
Based in Switzerland and this company are producing agrochemicals. The main focus of producing these chemicals is for agricultural usage.

These chemical companies are graded on the market capitalization by conducting several surveys. These surveys are taking the technical and service details of company into consideration.