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Peloton Facing Issues Over Treadmill Safety

A public dispute towards Peloton has taken place with the federal agency to overcome safety concerns. A video of a child being dragged under the treadmill is threatening the community that Peloton has built. Workout addicts and time-pressed parents who own these products are scratching their heads. The customers are taking to social media platforms and community chat rooms to discuss the fitness equipment response to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The safety of Peloton high-end treadmill is under observation by the agency. It is now linked to numerous injuries and a child’s death. The company said that it has no intent to recall its Tread+ worth $4300, despite the calls from regulators and politicians to do so. Later this year, the back-and-forth further jeopardizes the launch of Peloton less-expensive treadmill machine.

Attorneys and brand experts have cautioned that the longer this is dragged the risk factor for the company keeps increasing. The company will face increased customer backlash which will require heftier damage control measures. Luc Wathieu, a professor of marketing at Georgetown University, said, “There is a rule of thumb dating way back to the Tylenol case, where people were poisoned.”

In the 1980s, Tylenol became the textbook crisis management case. Someone had tampered with the capsules of Extra Strength Tylenol by adding lethal potassium cyanide to it, killing many people. To regain the trust of Americans, Johnson & Johnson acted swiftly with an appropriate strategy.

Wathieu said, “When there is a threat on the customer — one that becomes public like this — you have to overcompensate. But, for some reason, companies have a tendency not to do this, even though it has been shown time and time again that you have to act quickly.”

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