Warren Buffet – who is one of the most successful entrepreneurs across the world mentions in an interview that for an individual to attain success it is very important for them to have these 3 things- integrity, intelligence as well as energy. He further adds that amongst all this energy is the most significant aspect in all of these. As with a deficiency of energy, one will have no value and probably will not achieve what they want.

There will always be 2 stereotypes you will come across- the dumb, non-thinking individuals. And then there are the shrewd, intellectual nerds, who consider being grander. Nevertheless, a study claims to have proven that the shrewd individuals may not be that canny. The mousy ones perform much better as well as are likely to be healthier.

What makes People with Less IQ better? It is an exercise!

There is a reason to be glad for the not-so-smart individuals! As per a study conducted recently by the International Journal of Health Psychology. The lower IQ people are ones, who significantly don’t utilize their reasoning skills that much is physically in a healthier shape. As well as more cognizant of their health than the smarter ones. Moreover, no matter how academically credible you are, as long as you don’t clock in the essential move minutes for the day, there is no real usage of your so-called IQ. In other words, it is said that until and unless an individual is healthy there is no use of hardworking. As ultimately you land up with bad health and that might hamper your work.

For this reason, scientists who indulged with the study analyzed the overall physical activity clocked in by around 60 undergraduate learners. The students were categorized into 2 groups, of which one group with a higher need for cognition. Those who engage in cognitive exercises. And the other that desired doing boring, routine tasks every day. Both of these groups were monitored for the entire week.


While comparing the activity levels of these 2 groups, individuals who were interested in spending their time challenging their minds had a high NFC (Need for Cognition) than the individuals who were more likely to stay idle & not rouse their brain. There was an extreme comparison amongst the two when it came to physical activity. Scientists found that the group with lesser IQ and cognitive function moved considerably more than the greater functioning group. This implies that the intellectual individuals, in a way to dedicate more time to books & functioning their mind skip working out.


Researchers were quick to realize that having better cognitive skills is not the only evaluating point for a higher intellect. Thus for complete intellect, it is crucial that a person has worthy responsiveness, health, and cognitive skills. In the absence of exercise, actually, the brain might slow down and disrupt mental health.