Brazil is approving around 1,300 weedkillers and pesticides with the important spike by approval from Jair Bolsonaro coming in power.

Hence, after starting the Bolsonaro’s presidency, there is approval for around 170 new products containing chemicals illegal in the EU.

However, Brazil is mostly using pesticides and several foreign companies registering the toxic products forbidden in the home countries.

Although, there is the approval of half of the products as Bolsonaro came in power for creating a threat to the health of the environment and humans.

Thus, the president of right-wing is having strong support from the bosses of agribusiness, questions about climate change. However, it is speaking in support of increasing industrial farming and mining in safe areas and Amazon. Hence, leader and activist, Sonia Guajajara, Brazil represent around 350 indigenous groups. However, Jair Bolsonaro is taking the office, having continuous attacks in contrast to food sovereignty, Mother Earth and people.

Although, it is ridiculous that the Government of Brazil is allowing foreign companies for selling products containing chemicals. However, the chemicals are forbidden in domestic markets.

Thus, by approving weed killers containing Atrazine that are chemically castrating frogs and are forbidden in Europe. Whereas the other is containing Acephate, damaging human sperm and forbidden in the EU.

However, Helm, a German Company is registering the products that are domestically illegal. Therefore, one product is containing the chemical, Paraquat, linking to Parkinson’s disease.

Although, the new pesticide is containing Diquat, destroying the human hormonal systems and is a risk to mammals and birds.

However, several other firms are advantaging the rules of Brazil on toxic chemicals. Thus, Helm is not commenting on the unearth request for observation and Independent is contacting the firm.

Thus, Human Rights Watch is revealing the rural residents poisoning by pesticides spraying near homes.

Recently, around 1,50,000 cases are occurring because of the poisoning of pesticide, where the definite number is importantly higher.

Thus, Human Rights Watch, Richard Pearshouse are mentioning that spraying of pesticides on large plantations is causing the poison to children and villagers.