United States President Donald Trump advised the Tennessee Valley Authority to keep a coal plant alive, as the United States owned power generator transforms its operations to nuclear, renewables, natural gas for several economic reasons.

“Coal is the most important part of the electricity generation mix,” Donald Trump, who thinks voters in coal-producing situations a key part of his base, sated in a Twitter post.

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) “should give thoughtful consideration to all influences before voting to close feasible power plants just like Paradise #3 in Kentucky plant!” President Trump told a tweet Monday. The 971-megawatt unit in Kentucky, Muhlenberg, is the last part of the coal-fired plant, which presently runs on coal and natural gas. Tennessee Valley Authority is expected to vote Thursday on its future.

Associated Republicans, comprising Mitch McConnell and Senators Rand Paul of Kentucky, wish to keep burning coal plant operating, saying it provides reliable power and local jobs.

Chief executive of Tennessee Valley Authority, Bill Johnson, said Reuters in December, it may keep cutting carbon releases in upcoming years after switching of its coal-fired fleets by plants which run on nuclear, natural gas, and renewables.

In 2017, TVA already closed two units of its plant in Muhlenberg County. After 54 years of working, changing them with natural gas fired generation. The 3rd unit with around 1,150 megawatts capacity, started operating in 1970, as per its website.

The Tennessee Valley Authority, which serves in 7 southeastern states with 10 million people, is one of the largest government-owned power industry. It was established by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.